Favourite Third Watch moment ~ Sully & Bosco’s heart to heart!

(I love this conversation way too much, and so I feel obligated to post the whole thing!)

Sully: Bet you didn’t figure on watching fake vampires your first day back.
Bosco: There was a time I didn’t figure I’d have a first day back.
Sully: I always knew.
Bosco: No you didn’t.
Sully: When you were hurt, way back in the beginning, when we were coming over to your room and sitting with you, I realized something.
Bosco: What, that you had better things to do?
Sully: No. I realized why you rub me the wrong way.
Bosco: ‘Cause I’m so much better looking than you?
Sully: When you first came on at the 5-5 you were this gung-ho, 100 miles an hour, true believer. All you wanted to do was catch bad guys.
Bosco: And you were the opposite.
Sully: No. I was exactly the same way when I came on. There was no one more excited about being the police. But the system beat it out of me. Bad guys I worked hard to get went free…cops I respected ended up being dirty. Even did a few things myself I’m not too proud of. So I kept waiting for it to beat you down. But you never let it. And that’s what I realized one day sitting by your hospital bed. You piss me off so much because you remind me that I let the system beat me. 
Bosco: You’re a pretty damn good cop, Sul.
Sully: I don’t really believe there’s a greater good anymore. But you still do. So I always knew that if you woke up, you’d be back out here. ‘Cause you’re a true believer, Bosco.
Bosco: I’m not gonna kiss you.
Sully: Unless you wanna get shot again.

Bosco: Oh yeah, like you’d be delighted if everyone thought you were a lesbian.
Yokas: I’m a female cop. Everyone assumes I’m a lesbian.

Confession time!


I get ridiculously proud whenever someone likes &/or reblogs one of my Third Watch posts! 

First of all, because I don’t make that many gifs or edits myself, so whenever I do, every note fills my heart with joy! (Not a single TW post I’ve made has reached 100 notes… but I don’t care. If it got ONE note, I’m smiling!)

And second, because it just reminds me that there are people out there that still love that show, and love it enough to have on their blogs!!!


One of my favorite scenes in the history of television is when Faith shoots to death the man that put Bosco in a coma. She was a detective, the man was handcuffed and she just finished him there. 


So yeah, Ward doing the same to protect Skye? I’m not hating it. 


Goodbye, Camelot.

Just finished Third Watch. I remember now why I wanted to be a writer. 

This show should’ve never ended.